Natalie Lefevre

Natalie Lefevre is a social media consultant, luxury travel influencer and environmental ambassador. Her Instagram travel brand @Island_Natalie achieves 2-20 million+ impressions per post and she also curates the popular @Instatravelistz feed (1 million+ impressions).

Natalie’s solid marketing and media background sets her apart from other influencers. She is increasingly in demand as a social media expert through her digital marketing agency, and also as a keynote speaker. In 2020 she will talk ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade fair.

Natalie Lefevre​ - Promoting the planet

Originally from the idyllic Seychelles islands, her family travelled widely before settling in Texas, and she is fluent in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Creole. Natalie’s diverse past includes modelling, TV presenting, and a singing career that scored her a number one hit in Germany in 2013. She worked at the DA’s office in the Seychelles before gaining a BA in Computer Information Systems.

Natalie’s irrepressibly social nature led her to carving out a career in public relations and media. As Director of Corporate Affairs at Euronews NBC she was in charge of communications, partnerships, press, events and presentations as well as negotiations with the European Commission. During her time at this major media outlet she managed the strategy and creative teams that launched the luxury site Living It and travel site, Wander.

Natalie Lefevre
Natalie Lefevre

“An influencer with 20 million followers has the power of a voice stronger than most news channels.”

Natalie Lefevre

Natalie Lefevre

Natalie Lefevre - Promoting a plastic-free, sustainable environment

Natalie then indulged her own wanderlust, branching out into travel journalism and blogging, posting regular reports to Wander and creative content to her Instagram feed @Island_Natalie showcasing unique experiences, places to stay and dine, and charity initiatives close to her heart. Her infectious passion to explore other cultures, connect with locals and celebrate nature encourages her dedicated followers to taste the best of what the world has to offer.

Natalie’s travels have fostered a deep passion for the natural world the desire to protect it for future generations. As an ambassador for One Ocean One Future, she is dedicated to helping save the oceans, rainforests, and marine wildlife. She works to promote a plastic-free, sustainable environment and showcases eco-friendly resorts.   

In her social media consulting work, Natalie draws on deep insights into what succeeds on social channels. She works with a growing roster of global celebrity and brand clients, offering services from full takeover packages and managing content to advising on content creation and devising effective strategies for growth.

As a luxury travel consultant with a unique network of global affluent elite travel friends, Natalie is focused on converting her audience to hotel sales, providing special deals, vacation ideas and public relations for the traveller and resort. She draws together all her skills, experience and connections to create content with powerful impact, making her one of today’s most sought-after travel influencers.

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