80% of the buildings (4 out of 5) that we intend to the build are being constructed for conservation purposes. This will include housing for the scientists and ornithologists that visit the island, as well as a full time island warden. There will also be a conservation building that will run a bird banding programme in association with the BNT (Bahamas National Trust) and OOOF (One Ocean One Future) to monitor the White Crown Pigeons and also run educational workshops to allow bohemian students to learn about the conservation and protection of the Cay.
Finley Cay will be using a new form of architecture specifically designed for delicate ecosystems. Built on stilts offering minimal soil disruption, the unique shape provides great resistance to hurricanes. Completely powered by the sun and wind, utilizing the most advanced eco-friendly tehnologies available. Built completely off site, the structures can be laid down quickly with no disturbance to the surrounding area.

Warden & Supervisor Tent Housing

  • Ecologically sound tent, engineered as a permanent structure, yet can be raised in just a few weeks and disassembled without a trace
  • The Shell’s interior has no weight bearing walls and is equipped with solar panels paired with adequate rainwater storage, serving as an impeccable eco-friendly structure
  • Engineered to withstand hurricane winds of 115mph
  • Pre-built and then assembled on the island
  • Built on stilts (using 30SqFt of footprint) offering minimal soil disruption

Ecological Center

  • An ecologically sound habitat engineered as a permanent structure, pre-built and assembled on the island in just a few months
  • Equipped with solar panels paired with adequate rainwater storage, serving as an impeccable eco-friendly structure
  • Optimized passive solar design offering unparalleled self-generating energy
  • Engineered to withstand hurricane winds of 115mph
  • Built on stilts (using 90SqFt of footprint) offering minimal soil disruption

Camouflaged Bird Watching Point

Working with Leading ornithologists, we will create a bird watching point where environmental staff and members of the scientific community observe, study, tag the birdlife on the cay.

Footings - Minimal Disturbance

  • Structures will be elevated off the ground of stilts to allow for a minimal footprint onto the island and allow the vegetation to be minimally disturbed
  • Supervisor’s Tent – 30 SqFt Footing’s Footprint
  • Warden’s Tent – 30 SqFt Footing’s Footprint
  • Warden Assistant’s – 30 SqFt Footing’s Footprint
  • Conservation/Education Facility,Housing for Visitors and / or Scientists (from reputable environmental organizations and agencies involved with conservation and birdlife) -90 SqFt Footing’s Footprint
  • 90 SqFt Footing’s Footprint
  • Total Footing Footprint on the island for all structures is only 270 SqFt

Advanced Eco-Mechanics

  • Mechanics on the island are the most powerful, latest and environmentally friendly available
  • An array of solar panels and TESLA powerwall will provide energy for the whole island inclduing:
    • Powerwall integrates with solar to store excess energy, eliminating the need for a generator
    • Solar-water-heater-panels for hot water
    • Solar-water-heater-panels for hot water
    • Solar-powered lighting and cooling
  • Combination of septic and FAST unit for disposal of waste
    • FAST wastewater system uses a Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment process to treat and denitrify wastewater

LEED Construction / Assembling Process

  • Construction workers will be housed on a self-contained boat during the construction/assembling phase, containing toilets, kitchens, etc. providing protection to the island.
  • All structures will be pre-built; our landing craft will be used to transport the structures to the island and used as the assembly area to eliminate the lay down area on the island
  • The structures use a rigorous selection of eco-logical sound building materials bringing it to exceed LEED Platinum certification requirements
    • LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green build. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement
  • We wish to show a commitment to use environmental best practice standards and will be adopting and using all the latest available eco-friendly technologies