What's Our Plan for Finley Cay?

Our Plan

My name is Justin Etzin and as the owner of Finley Cay, I want to protect the island and make sure it always stays in its natural state for many generations to come.
It would be my dream to build an ecological green house on the Cay which will be powered by the sun and also hurricane proof and be able to call this my home.
For the past 3 years I have been consulting with the various stakeholders on how to achieve this and not only ensure minimal disturbance to the Cay but how to preserve the island in its natural state and to ensure the wildlife had what it needs to thrive.
In consultations with the Bahamas National Trust and other stake holders it was discussed that if we could operate a bird banding program and have a warden on the island to protect against illegal poaching, both initiatives would be of benefit to the Cay and the Bahamas.
With this advice our project is focused on protecting all the wildlife on the Cay and the surrounding habitat and creating a bird sanctuary with banding and educational facilities.
Please read through our website to see how we plan to achieve this and give back to Finley Cay and the wildlife that have created their home here.