About The One Ocean, One Future Foundation

At the One Ocean One Future Foundation, we believe that in order for the oceans to be saved, there needs to be a fundamental change in our thinking. There is no challenge currently facing the ocean that does not have a solution.

The OOOF Foundation works with influencers from the world of Film, Music, Art & Fashion to raise global awareness to prevent the destruction of our fragile oceans. We also collaborate on a number of projects to create infrastructure to preserve the natural state of fragile habitats.

With political will, with government initiative, this can be done, it is not impossible.

We are not going to meet this challenge unless the community of nations comes together towards a single comprehensive global strategy.

One Ocean One Future Foundation

The ocean is huge, it’s powerful it’s big but it is fragile. The ocean is being assaulted by carbon dioxide, plastic and pollution. Justin Etzin founded the One Ocean, One Future Foundation as he believes that we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking so that humanity stops threatening its life support system. It is our goal to facilitate this change in thinking, to prevent further destruction to the ocean and reverse the current damage before it is too late.
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There is no challenge currently facing the ocean that does not have a solution.

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