Finley Cay

Fregate Island Private

Fregate Island Private is a mini Galapagos in the Seychelles. A splinter of the former supercontinent Gondwana, Fregate Island is home to many rare and exotic species from the critically endangered Wrights Gardenia to the indigenous giant tenebrionid beetle.

On Fregate Island Private, assiduous attention is paid to sustainability, around 80% of the food comes from the bountiful island.

Morne Blanc

The Morne Seychellois National Park is situated on the island of Mahe, the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago.

Morne Seychellois covers an area of approximately 3,045 hectares, more than 20% of Mahe and made up of a mixture of mangroves, lush tropical jungles and tall mountains.

Jet Ski Across The Atlantic Ocean

Johan Ernst is a world renowned ‘environmental explorer’. His expeditions have raised millions for ecological charities over the years. 

Johan Ernst Nilson was asked to produce an expedition with Jetski over the Atlantic.
His role was Expedition Leader, Support Boat Leader and Film Producer.

Pole2Pole Expedition

The Pole2Pole expedition involved travelling from the North to the South pole while emitting zero emissions.

This amazing trip took 12 months to complete and Johan Ernst showed the world that relying on vehicles which emit harmful green house gases is not necessary for even the most of extreme of trips. 

Opportunities to address both climate change and the extinction crisis are time-bound. It has become clear that beyond 1.5⁰C average rise in global temperature, the biology of the planet becomes gravely threatened…
A state-of-the-art climate model released by the prestigious scientific publisher Springer Nature, offers a roadmap for meeting — and surpassing — the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement…
Coral reefs are special places. They contain thousands of species often  assembled in kaleidoscopic patterns that defy both our scientific understanding and our imagination. Reef ecosystems feed millions of  people…